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Thursday 14th July to Sunday 17th July 2016

Getting There

We intend to travel by coach -crossing over to france by ferry. It will take 3 hours to get to the ferry, then 2 hours on the ferry and then an additional 2-3hours drive to High Wood.

 photo highwoodforest2016_zps42c03284.jpg

Where we will be staying

Youth Hostel website www.poppiesalbert.com. They will provide breakfast, a packed lunch and an evening meal which will be included in the overall price.

 photo Dalberthostelhighwood2016_zps6aa70e77.jpg

Itinerary of the trip

Thursday 14th July

- travel to Albert, France.

Friday 15th July

- Drum head remembrance service at London cemetery, High Wood. We intend to visit the graves and pay our resepcts to fallen CLB members.(for more information about High Wood, Click here)
 photo drumheadservice_zps43f64fe4.jpg

Local parade through Albert with the regimental band on Friday evening.
 photo leicesterregimentalband-highwood2016_zpsd6f6c1e2.jpg

Saturday 16th July

- Visit to Museums and trenches of Albert in the morning, (visit the Somme Museum here) then travel to Ypres, Belgium.

Parade through the Menin Gate in the evening.(for more information on the menin gate, click here)

 photo menin-gatehighwood2016_zps426defba.jpg

Sunday 17th July

- Visit to Paris on our way back to the ferry. Return home.

 photo paris_zpsz8kkc1gn.jpg

N/B please keep an eye on this page as more details get finalised.